Colleen Glenn-Wilson

colleen glenn pilates fitness coach boulder coFunctional Trainer and Pilates Educator

Colleen Glenn-Wilson is an innovative pioneer in both the Pilates and fitness industries and a 30-year veteran. She is a presenter, educator and consultant both domestically and internationally. Primary education with Romana Kryzanowska inspired Colleen’s contagious passion and enthusiasm for Pilates and dynamic movement. Elders who studied directly with Joseph Pilates, Kathy Grant, Ron Fletcher and Eve Gentry further refined her perspective and teaching skills.  Education in TRX, Kinesis, PTA Global, and Evidence Based Fitness Academy round out Colleen’s functional movement expertise.  Colleen spear headed Peak Pilates education program, co-founded the Pilates Method Alliance and was heralded as one of America’s TOP 55 TRAINERS in Vogue magazine. She is enthusiastic about sharing her expertise and furthering your physical and mental health and spiritual well-being. More About Colleen

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