About Colleen

Holistic Movement Instructor And Pilates Educator

Colleen Glenn-Wilson lives in Boulder Colorado with her husband Bob and her son Landon.   She travels worldwide and domestically as a Pilates educator providing workshops for small and large groups, presents at conventions and teaches individual sessions.

Currently Colleen is a Pilates instructor Complete Physique in Boulder, Colorado.  She is an integrated/functional trainer and has been featured in magazines, newspapers, books, has been both the  talent/developer in exercise videos and television. She is listed in the national registry of Who’s Who. Through her auspicious career she has owned and/or operated facilities including (in Texas) the Houston Ballet Pilates Studio and The Richardson’s Athletic Club Pilates’ Programs, managing partner at the Oasis Physical and Mental Conditioning Center, Spa at the Crescent Pilates Program Director, managing Partner of Good Body’s Wellness Center and President of Glenn Studio Inc. For over twenty years Colleen has facilitated teacher training certifications with The PhysicalMind Institute, The PilateSystem, GoodBody’s PilateSystem Certification and Peak Pilates. She spear-headed the development of Peak Pilates’ education program as Director of Education. Colleen represents a holistic and functional approach to teaching and believes teaching is a spiritual endeavor. She aims to inspire and empower clients and teachers both to their fullest potential